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  • 08 Jul, 2022

How to send money to Cameroon MTN Mobile money

United exchange group is a money transfer and exchange service which you can deposit, save, p2p transfer, transfer to banks, invest or withdraw the choice is yours


How to send money to Cameroon MTN Mobile money 

1. Sign in to your United Exchange Group account

2. From your dashboard, select Deposit and click on deposit now

3. Select your deposit option e.g Bitcoin, USDT and more and follow the steps.

4. Once deposit is done and the money is in your account.

5. Click on withdrawal and click on withdraw now.

6. Select Country, Withdraw Method, Amount to be withdraw.

7. Click Confirm and enter your OTP and verify

8. Preview and enter MoMo name, Number, Reason for withdrawal and click confirm.

9. The MTN Mobile money will be credited within 15 minutes

How to send money from USA, Canada, worldwide to banks in Cameroon

1. Create an account for free

2. Make a deposit with multiple payment method crypto, PayPal and more

3.  once the money is in your UNEG account click on transfer.

4. And click on other banks and click on  Add Beneficiary and fill the form

5. then click on Transfer to Other Bank and click on transfer money on the right conner of Beneficiary 

6. fill the amount you want to send to the bank and click send 

7. enter your OTP and your money is sent to the bank 

Thanks and keep trusting UNEG.