Become an agent / partner

Become an agent and make money with UNEG

Open your own money transfer and exchange system and start earning money right away.

At United Exchange Group we are open to Create partners all over the world and easily facilitate transaction across boarders. 

How it works 

 We Give you an agent account for free.                                    All you need is a Capital that can 
                                                                                                          help you service your community.    

With our agent account you can able to 

- Deposit to UNEG account holder.
- withdrawal from UNEG account holder.
- International Transfer to Countries we support.
- Mobile Money Transfer to  Countries we support.
- Bank Deposit: Agent can deposit to other banks in the country we support.
- Payout: Agent can pay remittance in country we support. 

What do i need to become an agent.

Application document needed for you to be a partner in United Exchange Group


1. writing applying for agent account

2. taxpayer card if any

3. Photocopy of ID Card or Passport

4. 1 passport size photo

5. Location of country and resident

6. Minimum capital of $2000


We will need this information as soon as you can. Then after we will give you the contract to sign 

You can send us the information on our email at